Transcription Typing: Speed Significance and How to Improve It
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Transcription Typing: The Relevance of Speed in Transcription Typing Service

Transcription Typing

Speed. Yes, it matters. 

The transcription typing relies a lot on time.

The faster a transcribers’ typing speed, the better it would be for their career.

Audio typing transcription services follow a 4:1 ratio for its standard.

This means a transcriber needs to transcribe an hour-long of clear audio in four hours. 

Hence, in an hour, a transcriptionist should be able to finish a 15 minute-long audio recording  and even 60 words per minute for the standard of transcription typing.

However, the time standard also varies depending on the audio quality. 

On less-audible audio files, either contaminated with loud noises, muffled voices, or perhaps errors due to a corrupted file, are more lenient with the time standard. 

Audio files containing more than one speaker can also take more time to transcribe as overlapping voices are inevitable in such situations. 

Note that a transcriber does not only listen to the audio once to assure the transcription accuracy

Proofreading, making corrections, and editing the transcription document are also parts of the job. On top of that, transcribers are restricted by deadlines. 

The amount of workload and demand in audio typing transcription service could be stressful for individual transcribers.

It brings more burden if they can’t match their typing speed to the standard. 

Piling workloads and ticking deadlines are on the line. 

Furthermore, transcribers need to maintain transcription accuracy.

On the other hand, transcribers who work in a team, like in an agency, might benefit more. 

Instead of pushing the workload on one person, they can divide the workload. 

However, it is as much important to keep in mind that working in a group requires good teamwork and balanced pace. 

One person with slower work speed can stall the others, and affect the team’s work quality.

Transcribing is a time-sensitive work. 

This pretty much explains how a transcriber’s typing speed matters for the job. 

But how can we improve our typing speed?

Transcription Typing: Improving Your Typing Speed

Transcription Typing

There are a lot of ways to improve your speed.

Constant practice sure can help you improve your typing speed. 

However, note that it also matters that you know what you are practising for, and know what you actually need. 

1. Know yourself

Try to find out what your weaknesses are. 

Once you know what you are lacking, you can start practice accordingly. 

Listen to more audio available on the Internet. 

Try to listen to people from different countries and understand their accent. 

Read more books or articles of different subjects to at least recognize certain terminologies that exist in varieties of work fields. 

Broadening your knowledge can always help you save time from googling the specific term that you heard from the audio.

2. Listen to your clients’ feedback

Just like any other jobs, it is important to be open with constructive feedback. 

If they don’t give feedback, know that you can also ask too.

3. Use all your fingers

Learning how to type with ten fingers is a must. 

It can save you a lot of time while transcribing.

Instead of going back and forth to erase and rewrite miswritten words, hone your typing skill.

Having keen ears and good listening skill is not enough, you need to improve your fingers’ speed and accuracy in pushing the keyboard.

4. Invest in some high-quality technology

Transcription Typing

If you have more budget for the job, try to purchase better headphones. 

Some experts even use specific headphones that are “tuned” for transcription. 

Though it may cost you some, it would help you a lot in transcribing. 

Especially if you are thinking of taking the transcription typing services as your occupation.

Some others even purchase foot pedals to ease them in transcribing. 

These foot pedals allow you to control the audio playback without using hotkeys.

Bottom Line

Typing speed is one of the most valuable assets for transcribers. 

If you are still new in the field and you feel a lot of lacking compared to your peers, know that you still have the chance to improve yourself

Don’t get too discouraged and challenge yourself to change for the better!