Professional Transcription in Business: How It Matters
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How Professional Transcription Service Can Help You Maintain and Grow Your Business

Businesses have been growing at an immense speed.

Dozens of startups have managed to gain acknowledgement globally, earning them the “unicorn” title for their stellar achievements attained in a considerably short time.

To develop into a bigger business, it’s not uncommon for businesses to cooperate with other companies.

To ensure both companies give each other mutual benefits, there will be a lot of business interactions involved.

Presentations and meetings are important parts of the strategy. Another important thing is making sure you have the log of all your discussion.

In this specific case, professional transcription service can give your business a big hand of help.

Ever heard of a professional transcription service?

A professional transcription service helps you log business interactions like meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations, and others.

Having trained for years, professional transcriptionists can assure you accuracy in their transcription, even when the speakers have different accents.

Apart from that, there are more ways how professional transcription service could help businesses.

Professional Transcription: How It Helps Your Business

Professional transcription1. Official documentation, solid evidence to the agreements

Having official documents that track your agreement on hands is especially helpful to avoid disputes and lawsuits in the future. Sometimes, your business may face unexpected occurrences that may risk your deal with the other companies.

The other party could suddenly insist on a different thing from what was discussed, or even worse, they might ask to cancel the agreement for no exact reason.

At these moments, the transcription log can come handy as a solid proof of the discussion.     


2. Less trouble with accurate and legitimate transcription

A communication gap can lead to a lot of misses: misinformation, miscommunications, even misarticulations.

Professional transcriptionists who are trained and experienced in the matter can really help you get away from such problems.

With your business interactions logged accurately, you can also go back to the notes to find out what points you missed, or which points to highlight from the meeting.     


3. Connecting one part of the world to another

Transcription service is not only used for meetings.

It is also a helpful tool for marketing, especially on audio and audiovisual contents. Whether it is a promotional video, a TED talk content, interview clip, or other video contents, having the help of transcriptionists can really boost the views.

Providing subtitles for such video contents can help the video understood by global audiences.

Or, you can also upgrade your video quality by providing translations for more worldwide audience-friendly contents.

Note that professional transcriptionists are required to maintain the confidentiality of their work.

Hence, you could rest easy on the confidentiality of your business agreements.

As much as the deal matters to your business, the professional transcriptionists and their agency’s reputation are also on the line.

A lot of businesses have been considering the needs of professional transcription service.

In fact, there has been a significant rise in professional transcription demand.

With the rise in demand, businesses are also served with a wide variety of options.

But, how do we choose the best professional transcription service for our business?

Professional Transcription Service for Your Business: Things to Consider

Professional transcription The first step you need to do is to determine the language for the service.

Don’t ask professional transcriptionists that master in English to transcribe your meeting that is spoken mostly in Korean!

Next, always try to check out the error rates for the service you choose.

When it comes to transcription, one important thing to note is the error rates.

Obviously, the smaller the error rates, the better it is.     

While looking for available transcription services, you might find some offers that utilize AI.

At a glance, choosing AI for transcription might sound like the best option.

Hold your horses!, because in the transcription field, advanced technology can’t really guarantee accuracy.

Wired reported in 2016 that certain research calculated a 4% error rate from professional transcriptionists.

Meanwhile, advanced technology only managed to press its error rate to 8% with the same audio.

Moreover, Stolcke & Droppo (2017) attested advanced technology is still puzzled to differentiate the filled pauses (“uh”) from backchannel acknowledgments  (“uhhuh”).

How did this happen?

Simple, technology can’t think logically as humans do.

Humans can use their logic to guess on inaudible audio, something that AI can’t do.

Furthermore, while humans can differentiate accents, dialects, missing words (either due to an error in the audio or the speaker got cut while speaking), technology can’t.

Humans are also still capable of grasping what is spoken in overlapping audio to some extent.

The transcriptionist can read the speakers’ lips or gestures to write down the exact word they are talking about.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, all it takes are to proceed with the last step.

Settle on the agency that suits your budget the best.

Don’t forget to check on the offered services.

Do they comply with your needs?

Different services might offer different additional services with similar rates.

Some of them could be really helpful, but some others could be a waste of money.

Don’t rush yourself in choosing a professional transcription service, especially when it’s still your first time.

Take your time to understand every detail offered.

If necessary, try various options too.

Finding a transcription service that suits your business the best may take time.

However, it could give a handful of help for your business, more so if you are aiming at the global market.