Legal Transcription Companies:White-Glove Services for Your Legal Needs
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Legal transcription companies deliver better legal services, how so?

Legal transcription companies are transcription service providers that specifically deliver white-glove legal and business transcription services. 

Oftentimes, this service provider caters to such parties as, but not limited to, law firms, paralegals, court reporters, attorneys, and other legal professionals.

Logically speaking, the independent establishment of such transcription services in this specific field must come with a rational reasoning. 

That being said, why should customers bother with using services specifically from legal transcription companies? Wouldn’t it be better, perhaps more affordable, if customers simply trust general transcription companies to do the job? The answer is no. 

Here’s why.


Legal Transcription Companies Compared to General Transcription

To transcribe legal documents, a legal transcription service provider must go the extra miles to meet certain standards. 

The most common ones are as follows.



Compared to other transcription services, legal transcription companies should work faster, smarter, and harder. 

Accordingly, a legal project often incorporates a comparably higher quantity of files to transcript under strict deadlines and specific skill requirements, in contrast to general transcription. 

Not to mention, each of the transcripts must meet quality standards required by the customers, which may differ from one another.

Therefore, it’s extremely necessary for a team of legal transcriptionists to be highly efficient. 

Additionally, it is the duty of a project manager to ensure that the team will be able to deliver the final results to the customer with the aforementioned needs and limitations.



Legal transcription companies deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. 

This information prospectively impacts on how a legal case will pan out. For instance, information like investigation recording or crime scene recording are of high importance and confidentiality.

For that reason, such service providers must have and exhaustively practice information security protocols. Among the protocols are the compliance and careful practice of both operational and administrative securities.



Another key characteristic that differs legal transcription services from general transcription is the accuracy. Details truly matter in working on a legal transcription project.

Moreover, what’s transcribed must be the exact written copy of what’s audible. 

This is one of the strengths only legal transcription companies possess for they have personnel that not only understand legal terminologies and jargons, but also have exemplary listening skills.

The skills, additionally, are very useful to detect and transcript any sounds other than voices or spoken language. 

For instance, besides spoken language, the slightest noise should also be transcribed to maintain context within the information. 

This is so for each pause or noise present within a recording helps legal professionals understand what happened during a case and, therefore, make a sound decision.


Legal Transcription Companies’ Way to Help You

One of the true stories of how legal transcription comes in handy revolves around city law enforcement. 

More specifically, a team of transcriptionists must work on a huge number of different audio and video files. Some of the files were even recorded live at a police scene. 

Consequently, it is no surprise that the lengthy files might contain a lot of hard-to-comprehend voices that sometimes blend in with surrounding noises.

To do so, reliable legal transcription companies will assign personnel that understands well legal jargons, common terms used in legal context such as annulment, appeal, and so on, and is able to work efficiently. 

To maintain strict quality control, a project manager will then regularly send transcribed files to the related institutions for a review. The whole process, which normally repeats quite frequently, must be conducted under high-level security standards. 

Some protocols that the team should follow normally include secure data transfer and encryption to meet information security standards. 

However, the projects sometimes require a far higher security standard, depending on what the customers need for each different file.

Having a reliable legal transcription company to completely transcribe all the audible sounds in a file will surely help courts, attorneys, and investigators work more accurately. 

Well-transcribed documents will help law enforcement departments maintain justice and do what is right to optimize the best public services that people deserve.


Legal Transcription Companies: The Bottom Line

To sum up, legal transcription companies specifically work on legal projects that are useful to parties such as law firms, attorneys, court reporters, and so on. 

Accordingly, their line of work intersects with those of court transcription companies. 

In addition, due to strict demands, contextual understanding, and high-level standards required in this field, legal transcription projects require the expertise of white-glove services.

Despite everything, there are numerous legal transcription providers out there to choose from. One rule of thumb that you can do to choose the best among the best is by backtracking on the provider’s efficiency, confidentiality, and the accuracy. 

To add up, you can also research further on a provider’s portfolio, for example by looking at one’s client section.