Transcription Agency Helps Much in These Industries
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Transcription Agency: All Industries Need Them

When more businesses depend upon video conferencing technology to get the jobs done, the need for a transcription agency is also increasing significantly. 

This year, the need for transcription is not only limited to businesses, but also government agencies. 

The decisions, agreements, or recommendations from the recorded meetings need to be followed up. 

They must be provided in the written version to make sure that the managers get the record. Then, they can make the necessary decisions based on the meeting.

In the past, only businesses in certain industries like law, healthcare, and marketing needed transcription services

Right now, almost all industries need them. Of course, the degree to which they need the service may vary widely.


Transcription Agency: When It Is Required?

The following are some industries in which the transcription service is important to make sure that businesses run well.


Transcription AgencyLegal institutions had been the main customers of the transcription agency since the past. 

Most legal activities from interviews, witness statements, expert statements, court cases, depositions, presentation, or audio or video contents as evidence and even parliament sessions are recorded. 

These recorded legal activities are transcribed to make sure they are accessible to all relevant parties, like lawyers, judges, and juries. 

So, who needs transcription service in legal industries? They are law firms, attorneys, court reporters, paralegals, as well as other legal professionals.



Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and many other health care providers depend much upon the transcriptions from audio files to make decisions on the patients’ care. 

Transcriptions of all procedures related to the patients, notes, and materials are important. They range widely, from medical procedures, patient statements, meetings, lecturers, and international events. 

The transcribed documents are useful for the doctor, the nurses, medical record divisions, and many others.



Transcriptions of materials in education are necessary for the students, the lecturers, as well as other academicians. 

They are particularly important during the coronavirus pandemic, when all the lecturers are held online. 

There are so many types of material in education. They include class lectures, videos, seminars, interviews, and other materials for research and papers. 



Transcription AgencyBusinesses in marketing industries use many kinds of audio and video files. They are not limited to marketing materials like marketing videos. 

Who needs help from transcription services companies in this industry? 

They range widely, from marketing researchers, product testers, marketing consultants, video production firms, marketing experts, and product development teams, marketing content builders, and many more. 

The audio and video files need to be transcribed to make sure they are accessible to all relevant parties, particularly the customers.

The audio and video files may include market research interviews, customers’ testimony, expert interviews, industry events, record focus group discussions, product-testing events, and many more. 

When it comes to market research, for instance, the transcription provides the managers and product development team with the information on how the target customers respond to the products or services before they are launched to the market.



This is another major industry, which relies much upon the services from the transcription agency

Professionals in the media industry, like journalists, reporters, and interviews deal with wider audiences and public events. 

The field works are made easier when all the processes and sessions are recorded. It is hardly possible to take note of all field events while they are taking place. 

Then, the transcription process is required to make sure that the information is available to decision-makers. 

The spoken words and statements need to be accurately transcribed to allow all relevant parties to understand what is happening in the location.



As mentioned above, many businesses now operate in a new normal way, in which many employees work from home, while others do the jobs at the office. 

As a result, business owners now need video conferencing and remote working tools more than they once did. This leads to the increase in the demand for transcription service. 

They need to appoint staff, who are responsible to make sure that minutes of the online meetings are available for the decision-makers like the managers and board of directors.


Transcription Agency: Who Else Needs It?

Transcription AgencyBesides professionals in six major industries above, many other professionals and workers actually need transcription services to make their jobs better. Who are they?

  • Keynote Speakers.

Becoming a keynote speaker is certainly a great chance to market your company. You can provide the transcribed version of the speech and make it a perfect marketing tool.

  • Audio and video podcasters. 

You can offer a transcribed version of your podcasts to your business partners and audience. Written version is certainly easier to understand.

  • Freelance writers and bloggers. 

You can use transcribed audio and video files to enrich your contents and make the writing process much easier. The same case applies to bloggers or SEO experts, who want to write high-quality contents.

When businesses and professionals use the technology to help their tasks done, the need for the help from a  will also increase.