Meeting Transcription Service: Helps During a Pandemic
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Meeting Transcription: Meeting During a Pandemic

Because of the corona virus pandemic, the use of video conferencing technology becomes more popular than it once was. 

Businesses, organizations, and even government agencies hold video conference meetings every day. 

Of course, taking minutes from a virtual meeting would be a challenge for the host staff. 

Fortunately, meeting transcription enables them to provide accurate minutes before the due time.

Meeting TranscriptionThe video conferencing applications like Zoom allow the host to record the meeting as a whole. 

The recording helps them formulate a minute to be submitted to the leaders or managers in the organization. 

However, making a minute from a long recorded meeting would take much time and energy. 

Imagine if the meeting takes two hours or more!


Meeting Transcription: How it Helps the Organizations?

A virtual meeting is held to discuss strategic issues, solve crucial problems, inform organization strategies and innovations, educate the employees, or disburse information. 

Therefore, the meeting is expected to come up with solutions and recommendations. Meeting transcription is important to cut the time it takes to provide the minutes. 

Then, the organization can do the following things:

  • Reviews. Transcription allows the team to capture and review discussions on vital topics and business agendas. The meeting transcription services can help to transcribe all the things in the recording. This allows the team to highlight crucial issues.
  • Clarification. There may be instances, in which a virtual meeting is held to discuss crucial issues. By transcribing the discussions in the meeting, the host can clarify things that are still in controversies among the members of an organization.
  • Follow-ups. Strategic issues discussed in a virtual meeting are ideally followed up for improvement of the organization’s performance. The team can highlight recommendations and necessary follow-ups in the transcription text.

Instead of doing the transcription tasks on your own, working with one of the reputable Meeting minutes transcription services provides you with many benefits. 

They include saving time, energy, and resources to do the overwhelming tasks. Of course, you can only achieve this if you collaborate with a professional and reputable transcription service.


Meeting Transcription: What to Expect from this Service?

The following are some qualities of meeting transcription services you need to check before choosing an agency as your partner:

100% Human Transcriptionists

There may be cases in which the transcription services promise to meet your deadline even though you have a long recorded meeting. 

Meeting TranscriptionIf they can meet the very tight deadline at a very low price, you have to question whether they use 100% human transcriptionists or transcription software. 

There are many kinds of meeting transcription software.

Even though they work much faster than human transcriptionists do, machine transcription applications cannot provide you with accurate transcription. 

If you need the whole things spoken in the meeting, the machine may not provide you with reliable information. Similarly, the transcribed files cannot be used for legal purposes.


Accuracy Guarantee

Make sure that the transcription agency that you deal with offers a guarantee of accurate transcription. 

This proves that it is supported by experienced human transcriptionists instead of machine transcription software. 

The agency devotes a team of professional transcriptionists to transcribe the recorded files, re-verify, proofread the texts, and review them before being submitted to the clients. 

Guarantee of accuracy also comes from a transcription agency with wide industry experience. It must be supported by transcriptionists from different industry backgrounds. 

Therefore, it can assign the right transcriptionists based on the issues discussed in the virtual meetings.


Data Security

Meeting TranscriptionImagine the risks if your personal information and recorded virtual meetings are exposed to hackers! Your data and information may be misused for illicit purposes. 

Therefore, make sure you only collaborate with a transcription agency that assures data security, whether it is your personal information or substances discussed in the virtual meeting. 




With the increasingly tight competition in the meeting transcription service, it is not easy to survive in this industry. 

Only skills, professional services, timely service, accurate results, and experience allow the transcription agencies to beat their competitors. 

They compete with not only other transcription agencies but also the machine transcription software. 

Therefore, make sure to deal only with experienced transcription agency. You can check the information on its website.

Meeting is an integral part of an organization or a business. 

It is held for various purposes, including monitoring and evaluation, disbursing information, training the employees, capacity building, discussing issues and problems, socializing new things, encouraging innovation, and many more. 

More important are the follow-ups and recommendations obtained from the virtual meeting.

Therefore, recording the meeting allows the team to take necessary follow-ups, whether they are corrections, clarifications, reviews, and many more. 

These are crucial for the productivity of an organization. 

Optimizing virtual meetings is the first choice for the organizations to keep their employees updated with the changes in the industry or the organization as a whole.