Insurance Transcription: How It Helps Insurance Companies
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Insurance Transcription: Examples of Audio Content Transcribed

Insurance is an important service, which is necessary as a hedge against possible risks, losses, or damages in the future. 

In modern life, there are increasing types and numbers of risks, losses, and damages, which may happen and lead to insurance claims. 

As a result, the insurance companies are facing increasingly exhausting tasks to verify and investigate the claims. 

Insurance transcription is a service which enables insurance companies to do all the tasks in a more efficient and effective way.

Whether the company offers medical, property, life, or auto insurance, transcription will make their tasks easier. 

Insurance transcription refers to the act of transcribing audio contents for the purpose of insurance records. The audio contents may come in different kinds, including:

  • Interview with individuals who claim for insurance,
  • Interviews with medical and legal professionals related to the claims,
  • Interviews with the witness or people related to the clients involved in a claim,
  • Field notes,
  • Telephone conversation,
  • Recordings of meetings or statements from insurance professionals on the subjects related to a claim, and many more.


Insurance Transcription: Why Insurance Companies Need It?

Insurance transcriptionOf course, the insurance companies have limited time and staff to transcribe huge numbers of audio files. 

Therefore, they may work with one of transcription agencies to have all the audio files transcribed for use in the future. 

The following are some reasons why an insurance company will need a transcription agency:


Investigating Insurance claims

The insurance companies are facing the fact that not all the insurance claims are supported with trustful information. 

As a result, the insurance companies have to work trice to verify the documentation received from the insured individuals. 

In this case, analyzing transcribed texts will be much easier for clarification and verification steps.

In addition, in case that the claims need to be investigated by the investigators, the transcribed audio files help make the investigation much easier. 

The investors can collect evidence or proof of fraud, if any, based on the transcribed audio files. 

Therefore, the insurance companies need help from professional transcription agencies to make sure that the audio files are transcribed with no mistakes.


Helping in Decision-Making

Distributing recorded audio files among insurance employees or managers is not a practical option. 

There will be different interpretations among them. Different interpretations may lead to different decisions and different follow-ups. 

On the other hand, insurance transcription can help ensure that the workflow runs smoothly for all the parties involved in the claim process.

Transcribed audio files minimize the risks of errors in case there are new members in the team. 

Similarly, the managers or decision-makers can easily find issues related to the claim process and take immediate steps to make necessary improvements.


Providing Reliable Data

Transcribed audio files eventually become important documents for the decision-making process in the insurance company. 

Working with a professional transcription agency enables the insurance company to collect reliable and accurate data on customer service, competition, market condition and many more. 

The data will be beneficial in identifying processes and designing strategies to improve the customer service and eventually to grow the business into a larger one.


Insurance Transcription Service by Professional Agency

Insurance transcriptionThe insurance company certainly expects positive results and outcome from the partnership with a transcription agency. 

In general, the data collected from the transcribed files allow the company to generate a number of important documents, including field investigation reports, which may include theft, accident, property damage, and many more. 

This is only possible if the insurance company works with a professional transcription agency.

Therefore, as you are looking for a partner to do the transcription task, make sure that it meets at least the following criteria:

  • Offering a range of transcribing options. In general, there are two types of transcription process. The first is verbatim transcription. Every word in the audio file is transcribed literally and accurately, including all the pauses, sighs, and hesitant speech. The second is intelligent verbatim transcription, which removes false starts, sighs, pauses, or other information considered unnecessary.
  • Supported by real-human transcribers. This is important, as until now, no transcription software has been able to transcribe audio files accurately. Human transcribers can work in a team for quality assurance.
  • Supporting various file types, such as AMR, AVI, DVF, DVD, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MWV, RM, VOB, or any other audio files.
  • Offering quality guarantee and competitive costs. As discussed above, the transcribed audio files may be used for various purposes, including legal purposes. Therefore, guarantee of quality and accuracy is a must-have offer from the transcription agency.


Another important quality of insurance transcription Companies is security and reliability. 

There must be a guarantee that your identity and information on your audio files will never be leaked for any reasons. 

Information leaks may lead to fatal risks on your business, particularly if the information goes to your competitors.