Indonesian Translation: Handy Tips while choosing an Indonesian
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Are you looking for a professional Indonesian translation agency that provides you with an accurate Indonesian translation to English or other languages? If yes, then there are a number of translation agencies you can choose from. However, before you select a translation firm, you need to know about different nuances of both Indonesian and English language. Language of every region is influenced by its culture and customs, and with it comes the difficulty to grasp the actual essence of the language while translating the source language into it. For instance, if you want Indonesian translation into English or vice-versa, then you simply can’t depend on a local person well-versed in English. No doubt, the local person might be fluent in both languages but he might not possess the required expertise and knowledge about the language and the content that needs to be translated.

Therefore, while choosing a translation agency, you should be well aware of your niche, the expertise of the professional translators and the past translating projects of the company. In order to avail Indonesian translation services, you need to get familiar with minor, but important nuances of the language. Any business looking for localizing their English website content in Indonesian language or vice-versa, here’s a small attempt to familiarize you with the linguistic diversities in Indonesia:

  • The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, also known as Bahasa Indonesia and the country has the largest population of Muslims in the world.
  • A major chunk of the population in the country speaks Indonesian as their first or second language. Since Indonesia has one of the world’s largest populations, about 240 million residing in the country; it makes the Indonesian language as one of the widely spoken languages in the world!
  • Despite the presence of over 700 local dialects, the majority of the official work and communication is done in the Indonesian language.
  • Indonesian translation to English for simple documents is easy as the Indonesian language hardly uses any tenses. In fact, Indonesian language is one of the easiest languages to learn in the world and with proper guidance; practice and professional translator, Indonesian translation of the articles can be done with great precision.

However, if you need to translate important documents or localize your website content into Bahasa Indonesia then you should hire a professional, certified and sworn translator. Depending on your requirement for Indonesian translation, you can choose among three types of translation services, namely, Machine Translation (MT), Professional Translator and Translation Agency.

When should you choose Machine Translation?

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Machine translation uses software to translate text from the source language to the destined language. You should use MT for Indonesian translation only if you want a word to word substitution in your document. In other words, if you just want the general translation of a text and don’t mind compromising on the quality of the article then opt for MT. Despite being the fastest way of translating your content into another language, MT just guarantees 60-80 percent of accuracy.

Majority of the time, a few of the technical terms and jargons will be messed up while MT, which in turn adds to the cost of hiring an editor for your machine-translated content. The content translated through software also lacks tone, transition and other crucial aspects of writing, which would otherwise be taken care of by a human translator.

MT is a good option only if you have a time constraint, tight budget and are ready to accept an average quality of the content. You can use MT for Indonesian translation of content like blog posts and comments, tweets and other basic content.

When to choose a Professional Translator?

Professional translators are usually associated with a translation agency; however, there are a lot of online-based companies that have a huge pool of professional translators working as freelancers. By professional translators for Indonesian translation, we mean that the particular translator has an adequate level of education, training, experience and certified skills necessary for carrying out Indonesian translation to English and vice-versa.

The process of translation is not only about conveying the right message in different languages but is also about using the right words, idioms, technical formats, colours and most importantly, making the content engaging and compelling for your targeted audience. By hiring professional translators for English translation into Indonesian language, you can tailor a perfect content for your Indonesian clients and customers.

Given the in-depth knowledge of the professional translators in their subject matter, you can hire one of them to translate important documents like medical and science articles, technical and market-based research documents, legal proceedings, financial reports and many alike. Therefore, choose a professional translator if you have a highly technical article to translate within a tight budget and without compromising the quality.

When to choose a Translation Agency?

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You should choose a translation agency when you not only have to get your technical documents professionally translated but also avail other translation services, including transcribing, interpreting and website localization. Translation is not only limited to a word to word translation of a textual document but also entails verbal translation (interpretation) and transcribing audio and video files.

Therefore, if you are looking for a one-stop language service provider for all your translation needs then you should contact a translation agency. Here’s how you can select the best translation agency:

  • Usually, translation agencies have a pool of experienced professional translators that provide top-notch, high-quality translation services. Choose a translation agency that specializes in your field which might be a medical translation, legal translation, legal translation, etc.
  • The pools of experts should comprise of native translators because only native speakers have a good understanding of various local terminologies, writing style and other language subtleties.
  • A translation agency should offer customer support to their clients before and after their translation needs are met. In short, choose a translation agency that provides you with the best value of your money invested while availing their services.

Just like translation in any language, Indonesian translation involves myriad nuances that need to be understood by both the translator and the client. Depending on the nature of your documents, you can opt for machine-based Indonesian translation services, hire a professional translator or maybe contact a translation agency to cater your translation needs.