Marketing Translation: Avoid Failure in Global Branding
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Marketing Translation: What it Means for Your Business

Business owners might overlook how translation service affects the success of digital marketing. 

If you target global markets for your products and services, then providing you target consumers with good marketing contents is a must. 

Here lies the role of marketing translation. You may need to provide marketing contents in some different languages. 

Therefore, the translated version should sound like the original one. The target consumers must be able to understand them well.


Branding is one of the digital marketing objectives. You may depend upon different digital contents to reach the existing and the potential customers. 

The contents may vary from messaging, brochures, business websites, flyers, marketing newsletters, and many more. 

These marketing contents must contain accurate information. 

Therefore, marketing professionals need to collaborate with translators, who are experienced in translating marketing contents.


Marketing Translation: Things Commonly Overlooked

The marketing department in your business needs to understand the importance of highly accurate information. 

Even a little mistake can determine either success or failure in your marketing efforts. 

Professional translators can help you minimize, if not avoid, the risks of linguistic-related mistakes.

They are able to deal with things that frequently become traps in marketing campaigns, including:

  • Humor. Of course, the most common objective of humor in marketing contents is to make the audience happy. However, it must be noted that humor is highly influenced by cultural backgrounds. Humor in a country may not be one in another. Therefore, translating humor can be tricky.
  • Idioms and Metaphors. They are also influenced by the cultural background of a community. Idioms vary widely from a language to another. Therefore, translating idioms and metaphors are certainly challenging for marketing translation services. The translators need to have detailed understanding of local cultures in both the source and the target languages.  Professional translators need to understand the characteristics of idiom translation. To some extent, transcreation (translation with creativity) can be the best approach to preserve the subtle nuances of the language.
  • Traditions and Cultural Beliefs. The translators need to understand not only linguistic aspects of the source and the target languages but also the local traditions and cultural beliefs. These may be related to the choice of words and semantic aspects.

At some points, the translators need to be creative in finding the relevant translation.


Inexperienced translators might not be able to avoid those marketing translation traps.

As a result, you will get inaccurate translations. Idiomatic phrases or sentences will sound awkward if they are translated literally. 


Similarly, local people in the target-language nations may not accept improper words or phrases, as they may mean differently. 

If this is the case, your business might face objections from the target customers.

Marketing Translation: How it Helps Your Business?

Globalization has been a new standard in the current business domain. Preparing your marketing campaigns in some language versions will help much. 

As a result, working with professional marketing translation services is one of the keys to success. 

The translators may help your business in many ways, including:

Translating marketing contents

This includes translating product details, like product descriptions, catalogs, leaflets, etc. 

Translating social media campaigns, such as subtitles in video campaigns, transcribing and translating audio contents and localizing website contents, applications, and software, and many more. 

Accurate translation minimizes complaints, rejections, and even legal problems. 

When the target customers get your message accurately, they will put much trust upon your business. 

This is the beginning of global branding.

To obtain high-quality marketing contents, make sure to collaborate with professional translation agencies, which are supported by native translators. 


They are the solutions for tricky things like idiomatic phrases, colloquial words, jargons, humors, and many more. 

Native translators know the local cultures and traditions well. Therefore, they can find the right equivalents for those tricky things.


Understanding the Goal of Marketing

This differentiates professional marketing translation services to the others.

Most translators simply translate the materials without any knowledge on the goal of the copy. 

Meanwhile, marketing translation agents can provide you with translation with the goal of marketing copy in mind. 

With this knowledge in mind, they can choose words, terms, and idioms, which are relevant to the goal of marketing while keeping the community trusts.


Understanding the Brand Values

The translators need to know when to translate the materials with context in mind and when to translate the document with high accuracy. 

Some marketing contents may need good technical translators. 

Meanwhile, others need creativity from the side of translators to make sure that the marketing contents are interesting and informative for the target readers.


In conclusion, if you want to target global markets, then do not overlook the importance of accurate marketing translation. 

You can achieve this only when you collaborate with a professional and credible translation agency. 

You can avoid failure in global branding efforts by providing the target customers with accurate information.