Indonesian Interpretation And The AI Disruption
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Disruptive Innovation are the two buzz words that have managed to create a great deal of an impact on every industry, be it healthcare, gaming, manufacturing, e-commerce, or any other industry for that matter. There are various ways in which AI has impacted and improved the working of these industries. For example, AI has automated various processes and also made many services available 24X7, which was not even imaginable a decade ago. Similarly, if you are planning to expand your business into new countries like Indonesia and require Indonesian interpretation services, there is a lot of help available through Artificial Intelligence. 

Indonesian interpretationIt is no longer a surprise that AI has made it very easy for many industries to improve their efficiencies, save cost in terms of money, time and human efforts and improved the quality of life in general. When it comes to the translation and interpretation industry, be it legal documents or business contracts, the demand has been increasing due to rising international expansion of businesses. AI and innovations have had a significant impact on the interpretation and translation industry in general. Indonesian interpretation industry has been keeping up with the trends of AI and other innovations to get you the best of services when you expand your business in Indonesia. 

Here are some ways how innovations in AI will revolutionize the Indonesian interpretation industry: 

Speed and accuracy- One of the major barriers when it comes to translation has been the lack of human bandwidth available for every country. Also, when you hire human translators for your translation and interpretation needs, chances of human error are also present. With artificial intelligence handling your translation and interpretation demands, the chances of an error are reduced to almost zero and the speed is exponentially increased. This has been a major boon for the Indonesian interpretation industry. 

Volume Translations- Whether you hire an agency or an independent translator for your translation and interpretation requirements, another major barrier has been that they can handle very limited orders in a specified amount of time. At different points in the lifetime of a business, it may have different translation requirements of different quantities. With the help of artificial intelligence and innovations in translation requirements 

Data-driven results- With the help of artificial intelligence-based translation and interpretation, businesses do not need to rely on the limited expertise and skills of a translator. The results of the translation are more accurate and reliable because of the self-learning feature of technology innovation that AI has introduced into the market. In addition to that, the Indonesian interpretation companies have been able to serve authentic data-driven interpretations derived out of past cases and experiences. 

Indonesian interpretationQuality solutions: Data-driven solutions also mean that the quality of the solutions derived is improved and enhanced. As a result of improved quality, these solutions can be further applied and used for a variety of fields. Also, these solutions and results of translation and interpretation derived with the help of innovative AI approach also take into account the context of the problem being worked on. For example, it is anticipated that high-quality multiple translations will help us replace human interpreters in the future. This means that the same text will be translated and interpreted in multiple languages at once with the help of AI. 

Video and live-broadcast translation: Imagine looking at a movie or watching a documentary, or maybe listening to a speech by the CEO of your dream business, who you look up to, but having to wait for the translation because he/she doesn’t speak the same language. With the help of AI and innovations in the sector, you will get real-time translation results as and when the documentary is being telecasted or the speech is being delivered. The spontaneous and simultaneous delivery of results would be a very unique and disruptive innovation in this field and has the potential to altogether remove language barriers.
One of the best examples revolutions in the field of translation and interpretation is the recent update by the search innovator ‘SOGOU’ in their AI-powered interpretation solution, that is called the ‘Simultaneous Interpretation 3.0’. This update uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in addition to Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate real-time multimodal results. This enables the software to comprehend the speaker and his message through various modes in real-time and also simultaneously build a database for future use. This surely will have a great impact on the Indonesian interpretation and translation industry. 


Communication in multiple languages has never looked simpler. Even as artificial intelligence revolutionizes the industry in various innovative ways, there is a long way to go until this technology can replace humans completely. Despite that, the contribution of innovations in AI cannot be underestimated in the field of language translation and interpretation. For now, the combination of humans and technology is making the world of Indonesian interpretation more effective and efficient.