Indonesia Website Localization Services
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Website localization has gained immense significance in today’s times when businesses are transcending the global boundaries to establish an international presence. It goes beyond the realm of content translation to adopt the cultural and linguistic dynamics of every country. If you are looking for Indonesia website localization services, you are at the right place. Bee Happy Translation services provide professional assistance for all your website localization needs.

Types of website localization services

Every country has its own set of localization requirements. When it comes to Indonesia, there are a variety of services that can be included in the scope of Indonesia website localization services. Following is a list of the same:

Designing the client brief: Before you go ahead and get Indonesia website localization services, the first step will be where a translation company will interact with you to understand your work and original website. They will design a client brief to make sure they have understood the guidelines. This will be the first point of contact and the rest of the services highly depend on the success of this one. 

Indonesia website localization servicesContent management and integration service: Every website has a content management system that interacts with the translation software during website localization. Content management and integration service is a part of Indonesia website localization services that provides the technology that helps these systems to interact with low cost and human involvement, whatever the website platform may be. 

Translation service: It is often said that the essence of the message is lost in translation. Literal translations often lose the real meaning of the content and end up resulting in something funny or meaningless. No business would want that for their brand message. An efficient translation service takes into context the spirit of the message in the cultural context of the country and then translates the content.

SEO – Keyword research is the heart of SEO. A keyword in English that has a good search volume may not have the same search value when translated in another language, say Chinese. Multilingual SEO help in designing optimum keywords for every language as per the popular SERPs for each country.

Product testing – Before the main launch of your localized website for a new country, Indonesia website localization services also provide a test launch to check and rectify any issues with respect to localization by testing it on a smaller test market in different locations of the country. This testing includes various elements like cultural appropriation test, language and grammar accuracy test, loading speed test, and other algorithm checks that may be necessary. 

Collateral services: In addition to the basic website localization services, many translation companies provide a broad and comprehensive package that covers other services like localizing the mobile application or marketing services. 

How to find the perfect language service agency?

Indonesia website localization servicesFinding an agency that caters to all your requirements when it comes to website localization can be a challenge. Here are the things you should look for while looking for the perfect language service agency for your Indonesia website localization services needs:

Developed software: Manual localization is a tedious task and has a lot of scope for errors. Always go for an agency that has built-in software that understands the Unicode and Internationalization of content for different programs. Their translation management software should have all the key features, including an Application Programming Interface (API), collaboration functions, and translation memory. The software can then take care of the management and coordination all at once. 

SEO localization: A mere cultural translation does not solve the purpose of website localization. Keyword search that helps in SEO also needs to be done differently for different languages. It makes sense to hire an agency that can also provide you with SEO localization in addition to Indonesia website localization services so that your website has an edge even in a new country. 

Past experience with Unicode and Internationalization: Experience is the best teacher when it comes to website localization. Learning through past experiences and individual insights gives an idea of what each country requires. This experience adds up and combined with the knowledge of Unicode and Internationalization of websites, it is the best filter to hire a localization agency. 

Test launch service: Always hire an agency that is ready to provide you with launch testing services before the actual launch. This shows that they are confident about their services and are willing to rectify any mistakes that may occur during the testing. 

Bee Happy Translation services offer you a great package of Indonesia website localization services designed to fulfil all your needs and requirements.


When it comes to website localization, it is important to make sure you do not settle for anything less than the best for your business website. It is important to hire a professional agency that uses advanced localization software that is comprehensive in its functions. With Bee Happy Translation Services, you get to enjoy a package of multiple Indonesia website localization services that fall under the gamut of website localization.