Indonesian Interpretation Services
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Businesses have been transcending the borders of time, place, and languages for more than a decade now. Nowadays, customers don’t need to wait for something to reach to them because they have ordered it from a business set up in another country. Most likely, that business would have a branch in their country as well and the product they need can reach them within hours. With the growth and innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has become easier to expand businesses to other countries, improving the reach of services and products to customers worldwide. These developments have also impacted the Indonesian interpretation services to a great extent. 

When it comes to expanding to new countries, language has been a major barrier, limiting people and businesses to interact with each other. In the good old days, business owners needed a human translator to be around for all business meetings and also while signing any contracts. Owing to the progress in the field of translation and interpretation, this scenario has changed drastically, especially for the Indonesian interpretation services industry. The latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, held at the Las Vegas convention centre in the US, was a witness to many gadgets that show a promising future for the translation and interpretation services. 

What is the Consumer Electronics Show?

Indonesian interpretation servicesThe Consumer Electronics Show, famously known as CES is an annual gathering of traders and technology lovers worldwide. It is organized by the Consumer Technology Association and has been witnessing the presence of pioneering leaders and thinkers in the field. For more than 50 years, CES has been responsible for setting trends of innovation and technological breakthroughs in the industry by introducing the best of the gadgets to the market. The companies that attend the CES not just display their hardware products but also their softwares, content, and technology delivery systems. 

In addition to introducing innovation, it is also the place where the most relevant issues pertaining to the technological developments and its application are discussed in the presence of some of the best minds in the world. Almost 1.5 lakh attendees from about 160 countries all over the world attend this show every year. Generally organised at the beginning of every year, this show sets the trend of the major new introductions that will guide the industry for the coming year and also analyzes its impact on the various industries. 

Consumer Electronics Show 2020 And The Indonesian Interpretation Services

CES 2020 was organized between 7th and 9th January and witnessed some very significant developments concerning the translation and interpretation industry. It witnessed gadgets that will revolutionize the face of the Indonesian interpretation services by making them more accessible to the general public and all businesses. Let us look at some of the major highlights of CES 2020 and their prospective impact on the translation and interpretation industry.

Indonesian interpretation servicesThe Ambassador Interpreter: Waverly labs, a famous translator vendor introduced an over-the-ear translation device called the Ambassador in the CES 2020. This device can work with 20 languages and 42 dialects at one time and is targeted at teams or professionals where there are multiple people speaking at the same time. The device can be operated in different settings, including conferences, meetings and one-on-one conversations. This device, when introduced and used in the Indonesian market can find a lot of applications that enable smooth international conversations and make it very easy to use Indonesian interpretation services. Its unique feature also enables it to recognize dialects and accents, making it even more convenient and usable by everyone. 

The Lingolet One: Be it for tourism purposes, business expansion plans or conducting market research for international analysis, translation and interpretation services are in high demand in the market throughout the year. Among the various pocket-sized cool gadgets that enable these translations that were introduced in CES 2020, the Lingolet One was recognized and awarded for its features that included real-time interpreter, voice translator, and speech to text delivery. All of these features are powered through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can work with multiple languages. 

In addition to these two, there are many other gadgets, for example, Pockattalk and Vasco Mini 2, that are expected to bring translation and interpretation services to the forefront by making them more accessible in the market. 


Development in the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovative technologies powered by AI have been driving the industry, making it easier to facilitate multimodal real-time translations and interpretation. Bee Happy Translation Services have been continuously adapting to the progress in the Indonesian interpretation services, making it easier for people to avail them. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 has been a witness to how these new technology gadgets are making interpretation and translation services more accessible and adaptable for every person. Indonesian interpretation services have also kept up with the latest trends in the industry to create a welcoming market for foreign businesses by making these services more accessible through various channels.