Indonesia Website Localization
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The world today is shaping up like one global family. Businesses are not bound by borders and their growth aspects are limitless as they have started to expand into other countries and continents to explore international markets. Expanding a business into a new country requires certain adjustments to be made for the business to fit into the local dynamics of that country. This process can be called business localization.

When you localize your business, one of the primary and most important steps is to adjust your website as per the cultural context of the country. This can be done through website localization. Bee Happy Translation Services offer Indonesia website localization to help you make a smooth entry into the Indonesian market. 

Understanding the difference between translation and localization

Indonesia website localizationPeople often end up confusing a website localization with website translation while in reality, website translation is only a subset of localization. The scope of website localization goes farther and deeper as compared to a simple website translation. In order to understand localization, first, we need to develop an understanding of translation. When you expand your business to a new country, the first step is to get your original website translated into their native language. This helps in building a better connect with the customers. This simple process is called translation. 

Website localization, however, goes a step beyond translation. It does not only help the website adapt to the native language of the country but also helps it integrate the local culture of the people. The cultural context of every country is very different and in order to make your customers feel more connected to the business, your website should not just be translated but localized as per the country. Bee Happy Translation Services offer Indonesia website localization for websites so that businesses can gain more efficiency as they enter the Indonesian markets.

How to check whether your website content is ready for localization?

Not every website can be localized as is. There are certain changes that you may have to make to ensure that your website is ready to be translated and localized. You can follow the following steps to make the most out of your Indonesia website localization:

Internationalizing the website content: In order to make sure that your website content is ready to be localized for a market, make sure your programmers have used Unicode characters that enable internationalization. Unicode makes it easy to translate the website into any language as it is the international industry standard for how things are done when it comes to localization. If you have planned for localization since the beginning of your business, this process becomes very easy. 

Conduct proper keyword research: Different countries have different preferences when it comes to search engines. In order to conduct an efficient SEO for the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), you will have to conduct keyword research for every country separately. You can get the international SEO right if you get the meta description and keyword density right for every country individually. The keywords are also generally adapted to the local lingo of the country. Getting an Indonesia website localization done by a professional service like the Bee Happy Translation Services will your business a necessary edge in Indonesia.

Things to keep in mind before Indonesian website localization

Indonesia website localizationAs you plan to expand into the Indonesian market which holds several opportunities for you, keep the following things in mind before you opt for Indonesia website localization:

Use the right software: It is not a good idea to get your website localized manually. Using word documents and spreadsheets to localize your website increases the chances of errors and mistakes that can be made by manual localization. It is also too much workload that can be chaotic to manage and coordinate. Don’t waste your time on manual localization and use Bee Happy Services for your Indonesia website localization.

Launch testing: Before you actually go ahead and launch the business website in Indonesia, make sure you do a test launch. There are various aspects that should be checked during the test launch. These aspects include load time, hyperlinks, image quality, localized data and content, algorithms, grammatical errors, cultural appropriateness of the text, use of keywords, and untranslated message strings. You can test it with a set of test customers who are spread across various regions of the country. Also, make sure you check the loading speed for different browsers and devices. The aim of the test is to ensure that the user gets an optimal experience while using the website. 

Conclusion: Any user is much more likely to make a purchase or engage in a business if the business is communicating with the user in his/her native language. Expanding a business to Indonesia or designing a website for the Indonesian market is made easy with the Indonesia website localization. Identify your target countries, put a good team together and do not miss out on the benefits of website localization.