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Welcoming AFTA 2015; The Challenges and Resolutions For English Indonesian Translation and Localization

Indonesians may consider 2014 as one of the remarkable years due to important political shifts during the presidential election which finally crown the new president with new cabinet and new parliementary members. However, the warm competition of politics may only become a stepping stone to face a greater challenge in the welcoming AFTA 2015. The new government will have to prepare and work hard in order to make every element of the country prepared to face the challenging year of AFTA.

Initiated in the 4th ASEAN Summit of 1992, AFTA is born out of the idea and agreement between Asian country leaders to establish an area with high economic competitiveness in Asia which is free of trade. An area free of trade means that there will only be one market and production base in Asia with five primary elements of free flow of goods, services, investments, capitals, and skilled labors.

Despite its primary aim of gaining Asean economic competitiveness, AFTA also triggers some deadly challenges for Indonesia as a developing country. Once it is started in 2015, there will be huge wave of other Asean country products, skilled laborers, capitals, and investments. This is somehow can become a threat to Indonesian business, entrepreneurs, and laborers if they do not arm themselves with profound technical skills and English proficiency which will play a vital role in bridging the communication between many Asian countries with different languages.

As a result, English Indonesian and Indonesian English translation and localization may be highly needed for any companies of Indonesian based wishing to expand the market target to other Asian countries or any Asian countries to enter Indonesian highly potential market. English Indonesian translation and localization will be an important key of the success of any companies to target potential market. Without English Indonesian and Indonesian English translation and localization, it will be harder for any company to be able to develop its business range wider and wider. Language barrier is a highly enormous boundary which can risk the company of losing golden market potential. Therefore, it is highly suggested that any ever widening companies hire professional translator which can provide them with highly proficient translation service.

English Indonesian translation and localization is a step toward success of passing through the language barriers which can hinder the competitiveness of company’s products in the free trade area of Asia. Once the product and company’s profile is translated and localized to target language, it will be able to slip in easier to the new targeted market by getting people to acknowledge it through localized and translated brand marketing and promotion. Brand acknowledgement is one of the important keys before high demand and brand loyalty. Surely, expanding and targeting new market in other Asian countries is not a quick and easy step. It will take months, years, and even decades to make people from other countries acknowledge our product. But English Indonesian translation and localization is obviously a great step toward potential great success. AFTA will be no longer a deadly threat once we empower the right hand of professional translators to solve the different language barrier between Asian countries.

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